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WiMiUS P64 Projector

When it comes to enjoying movies at home, there's nothing quite like sitting back and feeling like you're at the cinema -all whilst you're snuggled up on the sofa. WiMiUS (We”, “Me”, “I”, “US”) knows this, and if you're in the market for a quality native FHD projector at an affordable price, then their P64 projector could be just what you're looking for.

The P64 is a modern looking projector, especially compared to something like the QKK AK-81 we previously looked at.

Whilst the AK-81 is a good budget projector, in the looks department it's a rather bland white shelled projector more at home in a school classroom, whereas the P64 is a dark grey box that more resembles a speaker, and due to it's more modern aesthetics, it sits more comfortably in your home.

Sporting a cube design, the P64 looks premium, with a touch panel for controls up top, while the generous lens sits on the left hand side of the front.

I wouldn't say at 197 x 227 x 163mm it's a particularly portable projector, but it isn't overally heavy at 2.7kg. Interestingly, the P64 is fully sealed to protect from dust, which in theory should reduce any black spots and image quality loss - but only time will tell if this sealed approach works. To clean the anti-dust mesh, there is a small tab where it can be accessed, and a tab on the rear allows access to the lens, which WiMiUS provide cleaning tools for in the box.

P64 Specs and features:

  • Auto Focus

  • Auto 6D Keystone correction

  • Native 1080P & 4K Supported (input)

  • WiFi 6 & Two-way Bluetooth 5.2

  • x2 HDMI ports

  • x2 USB ports

  • 40”-300” screen support (with zoom option)

  • AV Out

  • Headphone / Speakers

Sat upon a shelf and projected onto a 100" 16:9 electric projector screen with 1.1 gain, the P64 looked fantastic - and the autofocus kicked in immediately upon turning on the unit, making sure the visuals were crisp and ready to go in seconds. The user interface whilst nothing revolutionary, is very easy to navigate, and the bright colours really help make them pop when you load up for the first time. Amongst the options available (HDMI 1 & 2, AV, USB - Movie, Music, Photo, Office) there is the option to send content from your iOS or Android device via iOS Cast or Miracast.

Menu screen - Captured via camera during filming

Once selected, you'll be prompted with instructions on how to do this, but it really is as simple as selecting either iOS or Android on the P64, then using your phone/tablet in order to cast to the projector.

It's worth noting that apps using HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) such as Netflix won't work via casting, so you'll need to connect a device like a Fire Stick, Playstation or Xbox using HDMI in order to watch.

The first test was in a regular room with the blinds open and at around noon - not the best setting to test a projector, but it's always worth seeing the picture that can be displayed during non-ideal scenarios. The P64 touts 500 ANSI lumens - which doesn't sound a lot on paper, but in real world testing, I was very pleasantly surprised by the bright and decent clarity output it still displayed, even in a brighter enviroment.

However, comparing the image to one in a darkened enviroment it is - excuse the pun - night and day. At night, this thing really shines, and it looks genuinely excellent. To make the setup easier, I had the P64 connected to a 4K HDMI Switcher with the following setup:

  • Playstation 5 < In

  • Xbox Series X < In

  • Nintendo Switch < In

  • RUIPRO 8K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable > Out

This allowed me to test all consoles without having to swap cables out, and the 10m Ruipro cable gave me plenty of room to test optimal placement for the P64. I was instantly impressed with the vibrant colours, and the auto-focus and auto 6D keystone correction saves a great deal of setup time. The electric screen I use is 100-Inches, and with the placement of the P64 that I used, I had a projection of about 98" - a giant display for the room it was tested in - but the P64 will go up to a gigantic 300" if you have the room to accomodate the setup.

Loading up Netflix, I watched an episode of Sonic Prime to see how the P64 handled bright colours and fast paced scenes (and because I love Sonic the Hedgehog) and it looked fantastic. Sonic and his friends all looked incredible, and the P64 did a tremendous job of keeping everything in focus and displaying a vibrant 98" display with no fuss whatsover.

Wing It! - dark enviroment

For the review footage however, I watched some of the Blender Studio animations, and they looked fantastic. Wing It! a stylized cartoon, exploring the polarized relationship between a cat and a dog looked gorgeous, with vibrant bold colours, whilst the dark and grimy Charge, a short set in a desolate dystopia looked equally as good, but with far more action and realism, which the P64 also handled with ease.

Charge - dark enviroment

Sprite Fright - dark enviroment

It's also worth pointing out the speakers on the P64 are pretty good - and whilst connecting external speakers or a soundbar either via bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack will be a huge benefit, the speakers themselves are good enough that if you haven't any at hand, then you can still happily watch movies with the built in ones.

Mario Wonder (Nintendo Switch) In a bright enviroment

Guardians of the Galaxy in a bright enviroment

I didn't notice any latency when playing games using the P64 as the display, and whilst I'm sure veteran E-Sports players would find issues with any minor response, I didn't notice any at all. Colours were vibrant and there wasn't any screen tearing or lag/latency when playing Spider-Man 2 on Playstation 5 and Mario Kart 8 Delux on Nintendo Switch. Both of which are reasonably fast paced games, and the P64 displayed both without a hiccup, whilst on Xbox Series X, the slower paced Minecraft looked crisp and played equally as well.

Spider-Man 2 (Playstation 5) in a bright enviroment

I have a 65-inch 4K TV that I use for all my media consumption, and even though using the P64 meant sacrifycing that 4K goodness, the fact that I was watching the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine (PVP Podcast #266) on a 100-inch display more than made up for it - colours and movement are crisp, and whilst the photos taken do not come close to the actual experience, they should still provide enough visuals to show the quality the P64 provides.

For the £299 asking price, the P64 is a remarkable projector, with crisp and vivid clarity and the ability to watch content up to a massive 300-inches, all in a delightfully modern design, complete with auto focus and auto keystone.

I hope WiMiUS add the ability to output at 4K for the next model, as that is the only thing that holds the overall experience back - it's so close to a genuinely excellent experience, but 4K would make it perfect, albeit at a likely higher cost.

The P64 is a genuine delight, bringing the cinema feeling to your home, in a modern package with ease of use settings and beautiful clarity - the lack of 4K output being a minor complaint to an otherwise excellent projector.


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