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Podcast vs Player™ is an entertainment and media company,  creating online content such as Let's Plays, Gameshows, Animated Adventures and more. It's also the home of the PvP Podcast, which RadioPublic named one of their "Highlights to watch in 2018".


We're also fortunate enough to work with brilliant affiliates, and we've worked in capacity with the following companies, either through direct sponsorship, content marketing, collaborations or for review purposes including:

  • CD Keys

  • Zavvi

  • 365games

  • Consoles & Gadgets

  • Cartoon Network

  • Level 5

  • Ubisoft

  • EA

  • Razer

  • VentureBeat

  • Romans IXVI Gaming

  • Atlus

  • Avalanche

  • Redbubble

  • Bethesda

  • Activision

  • PoundSound

  • EE

  • Bandai Namco

  • Maono

  • Retora!

  • Blog Critics

  • Nectra

  • Todd Snyder

  • FireBox

  • Blubrry

  • GameSeek

  • Game

  • Bulkhead Interactive

  • Obsidian Entertainment

  • Ghost Ship Games

  • Roll7

  • Wallflowers Games

  • Cover - Comic Reader

  • Sudotack

  • Accessory Power

  • FeizLink

  • Enacfire

  • AKG

  • Gioteck


If you would like to use on of our logos for press purposes or promotion, you can download them here or via the Press Kit above, which also include a Press Release PDF file.

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The Podcast Vs Player™ logo, neon logo, team logo, white/black and support logo are all property of Pocast Vs Player™, a subsidiary of Broken Pony Media™ and Orbit Studios™ © 2021. No additional alterations are to be made of any icons, without the written consent of Broken Pony Media™


If you would like individual assets, please use the links below

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