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Infiltrate Blackout Mouse

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

*The Infiltrate Blackout Mouse was reviewed using hardware provided and sent to us by Accessory Power, but in no way influenced the review.

The Infiltrate Blackout Mouse from Accessory Powers Enhance Gaming range is a sleek mouse with a responsive sensor, and comes with a handy 'trigger' button that neatly lowers the DPI while pressed.

The top of the Blackout is covered in a smooth rubber coating that adds texture and improves overall comfort during extended use. There are two side access thumb buttons (forward and back unless you re-map) for additional quick actions during gameplay, and these are surrounded by a textured grip that ensures a firm grip and maximum control over your actions.

Surrounding the the Blackout mouse is an LED strip, that whilst you cannot change the colours at will, do accentuate and highlight the mouse nicely. The Enhance logo and scroll wheel both also light up and the LED produces a subtle but pleasing ambient light show that doesn't distract you while you're gaming or working, and looks great as an accentuation point.

Overall construction of the Blackout is nice, with my only gripe being it is a little on the light side - however, for the price point of the mouse, it feels nice, and looks a lot more premium and sleek over other mice of this price range - and even over some that are more expensive. The Blackout also has a 71 inch braided cable, which is always a bonus over traditional cables.

I used the Blackout to complete a full video edit and also edit the PVP Podcast #159, and it performed and responded with ease. The textured grip proved useful, and I didn't encounter any aches after using it for just over an hour and a half of editing.

Gaming proved to be another pleasant experience, with the DPI toggle making it easy to adjust to each gameplay scenario I required.

The Blackout performed really well during an hour play through of Far Cry 5, and quick test on Gears of War 5, both of which will be shown in the video review once it goes live.

Some people may be put off by the Blackouts peak DPI setting of 2400 - but a higher DPI will only really effect people using very large monitors. I'm currently writing this review on a 22-inch monitor, and coupled with a very large full-size extended mouse mat, the Blackout doesn't need extremely high DPI. When editing, the Blackout didn't need to be flung across the desk to reach the other side of the monitor - truth be told it barely moved at all! And for gaming, I had no issues whatsoever lining up headshots in Far Cry 5 (plus, any bad shots were completely on me, not the mouse!)

I genuinely really like the Blackout, and if I had to criticize it, my two gripes would be:

• No ability to alter the LED's.

It would be nice to have some option, either on the mouse itself or through software, where you could play around with the lights.

• Build quality.

Whilst the Blackout looks great, it is a little on the plastic side, a bit more heft to it would give it a much more premium feel.

Both of these points are by no means detractors from how pleasant the Blackout is to use. For the asking price, these points are essentially moot, as you're are getting a sleek and great looking mouse, that performs really well regardless of whether you're browsing the web, editing content or playing games, all for an incredibly low price.

Plus, with Podcast vs Player, you can get 15% off the mouse following the links below and using promo code PVSP15OFF

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*The Infiltrate Blackout Mouse was reviewed using hardware provided and sent to us by Accessory Power, but in no way influenced the review.

Watch the video review HERE.


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