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Enacfire G20 Earbuds

The Enacfire G20's are truly wireless earbuds, but are they truly worth the investment?

**The Enacfire G20's were reviewed using hardware provided and sent to us by Enacfire, but in no way influenced the review.

With a very AirPod style design (which isn't a criticism, they're just not an overly original design), the G20's have a satin black ABS shell, and they fit very comfortably. I had no issues with them falling out - but they do also come with a variety of different ear tips, so there's bound to be a size that fits your ears.

The G20's come with a very handy charging case, which itself feels very premium, sporting a leather-like material on the top and bottom with plastic sides. The case is small enough to fit into your pocket, and conveniently charges the G20's whilst they're inside. Once charged, the G20's have 8 hours of continuous battery life, and the case can recharge 5-6 times, so you'll very rarely (if at all) run out of juice. The charging port sits on the right hand side of the case, and can easily be located when putting the case on charge.

While you're out and about, you don't need to worry about the G20's getting wet, as luckily they are IPX8-rated for water-resistance, meaning you can shower with them, they're protected from sweat, and you could drop them in water up to around 1 meters deep.

Pairing the G20 buds is a breeze, simply pop them out of the case (the left bud is housed on the left, and the right - you guessed it - is on the right) and they'll automatically start looking for your device when removed from the case, then simply press connect on your phone (or any other Bluetooth enabled device) and they'll connect.

Sound wise, the G20's sound excellent, with well balanced equalization across all genres of music. In addition to the good sound quality, the G20's also utilize the aptX low-latency protocol, which enables them to provide the lowest possible latency on a Bluetooth connection, even Bluetooth 5.0, even at high bitrates.

When in use, the G20's perform very well with their touch based controls, and they're very responsive - to play or pause, simply tab either earbud once, to raise the volume press and hold the right, to lower press and hold the left and to skip tracks double tap the right, to go back double tap the left. They're easy to perform, and on top of being really responsive controls, the volume goes up gradually instead of jumping in increments like most other bluetooth earbuds.

I listened to a variety of music, and regardless of the genre, the G20's produced a rich and clear sound, producing a very clear sound stage (instrument and vocal separation across the produced sound scape) allowing you to clearly hear the different instruments, whilst bringing vocals front and center.

I prefer over-ear headphones when editing content or playing games, but I've honestly added the G20's to my daily set-up, from walking the dogs, or out and about walking, to just listening to music, they're comfy, convenient and excellent sounding and for £39.99 I honestly couldn't recommend any other bluetooth earbuds.


With an impressive battery life (for both the G20 earbuds and the charging case), fantastic sound quality and being very comfortable to wear, the G20 Earbuds are a brilliant and highly affordable set of aptX enabled low-latency headphones that I highly recommend.

Check out the Enacfire G20 Earbuds at Amazon and the Official Enacfire website


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