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How To Lose Friends and Ruin Movies/TV Shows


In SpoilerCast: The Board Game, you and up to 3 friends take to the board, with hopes of leaving the game as friends.


There are only 4 types of squares; 

•Blank squares and Star Squares are safe points 


•Red Carpets give you a chance to pull a Red Carpet Card from the deck, which give you good luck and bonus'.


•Bootleg squares make you draw a card from the Spoiler Card deck, which you must read aloud (possibly spoiling a Movie or TV show for you and your friends), and you must keep the Spoiler Cards you draw.


The winner? Whoever has the least amount of Spoilers. 

But really, who wins when everyone hates each other?


•Includes: SpoilerCast board, instruction booklet, 4 player pieces, 1 Red Carpet deck, 1 Spoiler Deck, 2 dice.


•Box includes room for upcoming booster packs

SpoilerCast: The Board Game