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FiFine K669D

Updated: Feb 27

If you're thinking of upgrading to an XLR studio mic, but not wanting to spend a great deal of money. then FiFine may just have the answer in the form of the K669D.

The FiFine K669D is an end-addressed dynamic XLR microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. The body and wire grill are all metal, with the only plastic being the adjustable pivot mount, that also provides both 3/8" or 5/8" connections to the included stand or a boom arm.

There's no control buttons on the mic, but at the £39.99 asking price, that's to be ecpected.

FiFine had told me that this was a budget mic built for beginners and intermediate level recording work, but just from the feel alone, it doesn't seem budget at all, with a real hefty weight to it thanks to that all metal body.

Whilst FiFine have provided a tabletop stand, there is no XLR cable included, so if you're making the jump to upgrade, you'll also need to shell out for an XLR cable

(we recommend the Stagg SMC if you're just starting out).

Considering this is a £39.99 microphone, the sound quality is terrific - but not perfect. What would have been a welcome addition, would have been a pop filter - the K669D isn't particulary good at rejecting plosives, and without any form of pop filter, it really suffers. I'm not sure what the production cost of the K688's glorious pop filter is, but if FiFine could produce a smaller one for the K669D, it would really benefit from it.

Of course, you could buy a foam cover or gooseneck pop filter cheap enough, but that's another cost to add to your total.

As mentioned, the K669D does come with a tabletop stand, but as always I never use them - but the construction seems pretty rhobust.

There's also no controls or inputs on the mic, so there's no jack for headphone monitoring direct from the K669D - however, if you're using OBS you can turn this on through the software and monitor that way, if you need to.

From feels and looks alone, this is a very tempting micropone for people wanting to take a tentative step into the world of XLR recording - providing you have or intend to get an audio interface or mixer.


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