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Computer Games

Two best friends in a never ending struggle of trying not to kill each other - in games and real life


The show RadioPublic named one of their "Highlights to watch in 2018" - news, comedy, and whatever else appears on the show, it's the PvP Podcast


What happens when you put husband and wife on a gaming adventure?

Game Mode.


Retro games and a laugh a minute, mostly due to incompetency.


Join in the conversation with us over on Swell, and get included on the latest episode of the PvP Podcast!

About Podcast vs Player

Podcast vs Player™ is an entertainment and media company,  creating online content such as Let's Plays, Gameshows, Animated Adventures and more. It's also the home of the PvP Podcast, which RadioPublic named one of their "Highlights to watch in 2018".


We're also fortunate enough to work with brilliant affiliates including; CDkeys™, GameSeek™, 365Games™, Zavvi™, Consoles&Gadets™, GamesBeat™, and many more. 

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