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G20's Review


The Enacfire G20 Wireless earpods review is availble to watch and read now!

G20's Review

ST900 Review


The SudoTack ST900 Cardioid Condenser Mic review is now live and available in both written and video form!

ST900 Review



06/09/2020 -

Some of the content we had planned has been either pushed back, or sadly scrapped completely.

The DC Fandome video/podcast we recorded missed our deadline date due to my dog having to have an emergency Enucleation (eye removal). Because of this, I didn't get chance to edit the video and missed the upload deadline.

We obviously could just put it out, but it's unlikely to get any traction due to it being largely no longer relevant, and it would be a bit of a waste of time editing.

Similarly, some of our Let's Plays and gameshows have taken a slight (only slight) backseat as we have a lot of reviews to catch up on - these are obviously monetary, and so we will always put these before our 'fun' content - but we'll still be putting the let's plays out, they're just going to be a little later than usual!

Feizlink Review


The Feizlink Capture Card review is now live and available in both written and video form!

Feizlink Review

Return of Elmo


Elmo is back! And he's exploring the internet more!

Watch Elmo Here

Camp PVP Tee


New edition to the store, the Camp PvP line! Two different styles (more to come), join Camp PvP and grab a weiner!

PvP Store

PvP #179 - Avengers Assemble!


Hello and welcome to podcast vs player episode 179, this week - Thoughts on the Square Enix Avengers game, Star Trek Lower Decks and more!

Listen Here